Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Am I charged the full quoted amount even if it doesn't take that long to clean my house?

      We usually agree on the charges in advance to commencement of work and our charges doesn’t depend on the time taken for completion.

2.  Does someone have to visit my house before I can book a cleaning?

      Yes, our representative will visit your premises before booking a cleaning service.

3.   What if I'm not happy with my cleaning?

      Our priority is customer satisfaction. We shall reclean your premises to make sure our customer is happy and satisfied.

4.  Are cleaning supplies included?

      Yes, Cleaning supplies are included in our services. However, if our customer wishes to use certain special substances then extra charges apply.

5.  Can I get a same-day booking?

      Apologies, we follow pre booking procedure. However, we can assist you on the same day depending on the HANKO availability.

6.  What are your working hours?

      We have flexi working hours to meet the customers requirement. However, our usual timings are between 6 AM to 9 PM

7.  Are you available on weekends?

      Yes, we are available on weekends as well.

8.  What if I need to change my cleaning appointment?

      Please inform us one day in advance in case if you intend to change the appointment date. Rescheduled date will be agreed depending on the HANKO availability.

9.  Do I have to be home for my cleaning?

      We request one representative to be present on your behalf while performing cleaning services.

10.  Do the cleaners arrive at the exact time I book?

      On time arrival at the site is our utmost priority. HANKO will reach your premises on the scheduled day and time.

11.  When am I charged for the service?

      Based on the quotation. 70% of the service charges are paid in advance to commencement of work.

12.  How many cleaners do you send?

      We supply cleaners based on the scope of work required for the customer.

13.  What services do you offer?

      Janitorial, Commercial, Residential, special services. Please visit our website to know more about our services.

14.  What includes in a standard cleaning?

      Standard Cleaning includes Floor mopping, Dusting, Kitchen counter cleaning, Appliance dust off, Washroom, Fittings, Sinks, mirror cleaning.


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